Recycled clothing shops East London – Where to find them

February 12, 2024

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February 12, 2024

East London – possibly the coolest place in the world? You are probably expecting to find some amazing things. East London’s recycled clothing boutiques For many, cool, of course, means eco friendly, and you’ll find vintage shops, clothing and accessories, in East London, especially around Brick Lane. The best shopping in London is also available here.


You can find vintage pieces in many shops on the Brick Lane area as well as the high street. Vintage items, such as furniture and magazines, along with homeware and other pieces of decor are waiting to discover.


What else is there to do in East London? There are many interesting markets to start with. Spitalfields has to be one of the best. There are many food stalls as well as new fashion brands, hand made jewellery, and pet clothes. The market is surrounded by chic shops, cafes restaurants, patisseries chocolatiers boutiques gyms and design boutiques. The coolest products from the biggest brands are also sold here. It’s well worth a visit for shopping, snacking, drinking and eating.


Recycled clothing boutiques East London shopping: well, you don’t need any guidance from me on that. Bring your reusable bag and browse the stands! It’s worth looking up which stalls will be there in advance if you have any in mind. Not all stalls are present every day.

What to Eat?

The famous Beigel Bake
Felipe Tofani CC BY 2.0


Here, snacking and eating are a joy. It’s very tempting to just grab a little of everything, and why not? There are a variety of sweets and chocolates stalls as well as vegan and gluten free cake stalls. There is a coffee truck, smoothie and juice bars as well as cocktail and wine bars. Street food is a great way to sample a variety of cuisines. Obviously, don’t quote me on that. There are plenty of tables and seating, so bring your friends and grab something for each other and sit together.


Brick Lane Beigel Bakery can be found on Brick Lane. The freshly baked bagels have a delicious taste! There are also many Indian restaurants that offer very affordable prices. Outside, there are people who will offer you a great deal to get you in. However if you don’t fancy it, they won’t hassle you.

Recycled Clothing Boutiques East London – And to Wash it Down?

What bars and pubs do I recommend for drinking? Well, I’m glad that you asked. Do you know that the Ten Bells is located on the corner Commercial Street and Fournier Streets? It’s a complete classic, and it’s right opposite the market. It has dark wood polished flooring, plush banquettes and original Victorian tiling. It also serves great drinks. Unfortunately they took out all the dividers that made cosy individual seating areas a while ago, so it’s more or less one open space. It does make for more standing space. The Ten Bells was also where Annie Chapman hung out with Mary Jane Kelly. They were killed by Jack the Ripper, and that’s why you’re going to see a lot of ghoulish walking tours stopping outside.


There are also The Commercial TavernCommercial Rd., a bit higher up. It’s so unique and beautiful. The ceilings are high and the large windows let in lots of light. It also appears that they started removing the wallpaper but never finished redecorating. Some walls are partly covered in large floral prints or stencilled and hand painted. This gives them that shabby-chic effect. It is clear that this is not a result of a lack in funds or an accident. Interesting light fittings and chandeliers hang from the ceiling. On the walls, there are plasterwork, angel wings and stag horns. It’s really interesting yet calm, and really recommended for a good place to meet friends.

Recycled Clothing Boutiques East London – Get Cosy!

I must warn you, these places are crowded. Especially on weekends. And even more on a summer’s weekend or summer evening. However, it’s traditional to spill out onto the streets in this case, so once you’ve got your drink, you’ll be all right.


Another: The Pride of Wellington. This is an old-fashioned boozer. It’s tiny and cosy with a piano. It’s tucked away on a little cobbled street. Such a hidden gem. You’re going to love it.

Are there good charity shops?

Travelling around the East End, you’lll find charity shop with quality vintage stuff as well on the shop floor. As many residents are well-off, you’ll also find some designer pieces. Also, try Portobello Road and Covent Garden. Vintage clothing is a big deal in London. Visitors try to outdo each other with their amazing looks. It’s a great place for people watching as the club scene is phenomenal.

Recycled clothing boutiques East London – What’s the Vibe?

Many locals still dress for the occasion even during the day. catwalk. Makeup is applied with care and has many surprises. The eyeliner goes a different route than expected and small crystals have been applied. I think Björk would be at home working in an East End coffee shop. To be honest, I sometimes expect to receive my oat-milk latte from someone wearing a 3D-printed mask and no skirt. There are a tonne of young designers who work from this area, so don’t be surprised if you see someone you think you recognise from a catwalk bow. If you know where to go, you can also find fabrics, art supplies, small clothing manufacturers, and clothing samples. These places can be found in anonymous-looking warehouses.


This is a great place to go if you work from home but want to get out of your four walls. There are many cafes where you can set up your laptop, enjoy the facilities, watch people when you need to take a break and shop during your lunch hour. It’s well-connected with travel, with the huge Liverpool Street Station round the corner with trains to many parts of London. There are several tube stops nearby, including Whitechapel Station, Liverpool Street, Aldgate East and Bethnal Green. There are also many buses. Have fun!

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